Virtual Outfits allows you to create an entire catalog of looks online - looks that you can actually purchase - without missing out on the brutally honest feedback you have come to rely on from your besties.

In fact, Virtual Outfits is SUCH a social platform that you'll likely increase your inner circle to include A-List fashion bloggers and other fashionistas like yourself. By creating and sharing outfits publicly, you will invite feedback from the uber-fashionable Virtual Outfits community. And you can just as easily give feedback to those who inspire you.


When you create looks on, you can easily click and buy - with real dinero or Virtual Currency (or a combination of both). You'll rack up Virtual Currency with virtually everything you do on our site.

Just created a new outfit? Ka-ching! You get 10 points. Someone out there likes that outfit? Wahoo! One more point! Get 100 points for each time you refer a friend who joins and 2% back in points for any outfit you buy. 100 points equals one dollar that you can use to buy real stuff! Although it's easy to buy the outfits you're creating, you don't have to spend a dime. Simply jump in and have some fun. You'll still rack up points, so feel free to use them when you're ready.


Know you've got what it takes to be the next most-fabulous fashion blogger? Show us your stuff! Upload pictures of yourself wearing that killer outfit and prove that you've got the chops to hang with the designer divas.


Virtual Outfits was born from the epicenter of fashionable finds - where socialites and celebrities constantly push the envelope to elevate fashion trends - Los Angeles, California. The brain trust behind this forward-thinking organization is made up of a rare combination of engineers, e-commerce experts and fashion enthusiasts who credit an open, progressive culture for their synergistic energy.



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