Frequently Asked Questions


Do you support children or baby clothing?

Virtual Outfits only provides clothings for adults and teenagers.


Do you provide a 3D wearable accessories, shoes or bags?

Virtualoutfits provides a 3D wearable of clothings categories (Tops, bottoms, coats, dresses, suits, and similar). Accessories, shoes and bags won't be 3D wearable, however they can be added to the closet, dragged and dropped over Avatar and make outfit with them. Every 2 accessories will be counted as 1 supported item under your plan.


Can the try-on icon be customized?

Virtual Outfits will add the default shape of tryon into your style sheet under “.tryon”. You can change the look and location of tryon icon by updating your style sheet. If you need our assistant to help you with your style sheet, Please send an email to


Can you create a 3D model of my catalog without seeing my site?

Our Quality assurance department won’t approve publishing the 3D models without seeing your detail and catalog page. If your site is password protected, please email us with appropriate access.


Where do you get the clothes sizes?

We need your sizing chart to provide an accurate measurements and best fit advice. If your sizing chart is missing, then we will use a typical USA measurement for each category of clothes. We highly recommend you to email us your detail sizing chart.


Do you have any take a tour video?

Please see the following video: Take a Tour



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