Table Of Contents

Adding Clothes to your Closet
Searching for Clothing
Selection and Queuing
Closet Page
Inviting facebook friends
Closet Actions
Closet Navigation
Closet Avatar
Outfit Page
Sorting your outfit page
Most Recent and most Popular
Socializing on your outfit page
Inviting non facebook Friends
How to redeem your points
Changing and resetting your password



Adding clothes to your closet

There are two ways to begin adding clothes to your closet.

1)      At the Closet page, Click on the Add bottom on the top left hand side of your closet. This will direct you to a shopping mall where you can browse, select and queue different items that you would like to save in your closet.

2)      Go directly to the shopping mall by clicking on the Shop link


Searching for Clothing

There are a number of ways to search for clothing:

1)      Select your gender type

2)      Filter though our category navigation and  choose a category of clothing that you are looking for


3)      Refine your selection. You can choose from price range, brand, material, color, style and length.




4)      Make a keyword search


1)      You can on the retailer’s link for more information on your selections. The blue hyperlink will take you directly to the retailer’s product page

2)      The Grey Like button indicates that you are unable to like this item. If your like button is blue, you may click on like to incorporate your feedback.

3)      Click on the product image to enlarge the item


Selection and Queuing

1)      Once you found something you like, click on the select bottom to create a queue before adding your selections to your closet.

2)      You may make more searches and build up your and remove items from your queue

3)      You can remove clothes from your queue at any time by “x-ing” something out.

4)       When you are finished searching, click on the ADD bottom; this will add clothes to your closet page in the appropriate section.

5)      If you have selected more clothes in your queue than the allotted space allows, feel free to toggle left and right by using the blue arrows to look through your queue.


Closet Page:

Inviting Facebook Friends

At the closet page, users have the option to seek out friends and build their community.

1)      To add more friends to your account, the invite friends tab on the bottom hand navigation

2)      A pop invitation pop up will appear. At this point, if you have logged in with facebook, you can search and invite your facebook friends.

3)      Either search or select your friends from the alphabetical list

4)       Add friends you like by clicking on the check box

5)      click on the send request button for whichever individuals you would like to invite.

6)      You may remove friends by clicking on the X icon located on their avatar image


Closet Actions

The closet pages stores all your clothing selections from the shop page. Clothing will automatically be hanged for you in the appropriate section for your convenience. Hoover over a specific clothing selection will enable more options to appear.

1)      The X removes clothes from your hanger

2)      The magnifying glass adds more detailed information on the selected clothes

3)      The SHOP button allows users to instantly visit the retailer’s store for the selected item


Closet Navigation

Each section in the closet has a toggle scroll bar.  

1)      Whenever you add more clothes that exceed the preset space, one may toggle left and right for access more space.


2)      To make outfits, you can drag any clothing and drop the article in the outfit section. Compose the outfits however you like.

3)      To resize a selection in the outfit area, click on the triangular icon on the corner of any item and pull to create your desired size.

4)      To remove an item from your outfit, Simply hoover over your item and click on the X icon

5)      Click the save bottom if and when you are ready to create an outfit.

Closet Avatar

If you have morden browser and webgl enabled, you can try cloths on your 3D avatar.  

1. To create your avatar click on Face.

2. Upload your face image and click on Next.

3. Adjust your face line and select your hair style. Click on Preview to preview your avatar and click on Save to save your avatar.

4. Click on Body to adjust your body attributes.

5. Change your body attributes and save.

6. Drad and drop cloths from closet to Avatar to try your clothes on your customized avatar. Click on "Walk" to see your animated avatar on ramp. Click on "Save" to share avatar on outfit page.

Outfit page:

Sorting your outfit page

The outfit page stores all your personal saved outfits, your friend’s outfits, the tops outfits on the virtual outfit’s website and the hand selected outfits designed by the virtual outfit’s editorial team. Your friends are automatically alphabetically sorted on the bottom hand navigation. One can navigate through their friends using the left and right scroll bar until you find your desired friend.

To toggle between these options, click on the avatar icons on the bottom hand navigation and select from

1)      Personal outfits

2)      Editor’s Pick

3)      Public

4)      All friends.

5)      Specific friend’s

Most Recent and most Popular

At any time, you can sort our outfit view by what’s most recent, or what has the most likes. Simply click on the “sort by” drop down and select your preference.

Socializing on your outfit page

The outfit page has many imbedded social functions for users to take advantage of.

1)      Like: Clicking on this signifies approval of an outfit. The more likes, the more popular the design. Users may not like their own outfit as the button turns gray and unclickable

2)      Score: the total count of how many likes an outfit has

3)      Comments: Clicking on the comment bubble opens a comment pop up interface. The number next to the comment bubble indicates the total number of comments received for that outfit.

4)      Social outlets: post your outfits on facebook, pinterest or emails yours friends to solicit additional feedback to your page.

5)      Outfit details: Clicking on an specific clothing image will give you more details for the clothes such as price, description and the retailer.



Inviting non facebook Friends

Users can invite non facebook friends to join their network.

1)      Click on invite friends tab located at bottom hand navigation at any page except for the closet page. Inviting friends from the closet page will only allow users to invite facebook friends, see inviting facebook friends for more instructions.

2)      A pop up will appear prompting users to enter a friends email. Simply, enter your friends email address and Virtual Outfits will generate an email invite to your friend


How to redeem your points:

1)      Click on the redeem link from the My account tab located on the top hand navigation


2)      Your number of points is always displayed on the top hand navigation.

3)      The redeem popup will indicate how much you can convert your points for and provide instructions on how to redeem a gift card


Changing and resetting your password

1)      If you forgot your password and would like to recover it, click on the forgot password text on the homepage. An email with instructions will prompt you on how to recover your password


2)      To change your current password, click on the my account tab on the top hand navigation and click on change password. A pop up with instruction will appear and prompt you to change your current password